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Oracles of an Ethiopian Coffeehouse





As his plane lands in Axum, Garret Holcomb cannot help but wonder if he is on a true pilgrimage in search of the lost Ark of the Covenant or to escape from the emptiness of emotional bankruptcy. His seatmate, Jamaal Abdul Meriweather, wants to be the next Spike Lee and is heading to Axum, where he hopes to film a documentary about the ark. After the two realize they have much in common, they pair up to help each other with their missions. But when they eventually meet up with three oracles of an Ethiopian coffeehouse, the holy men soon help them look inward to reflect about life’s most burning issues as well as the personal challenges each has been afraid to face, ultimately revealing a stunning reality for both.

In this poignant tale, two young men forced out of their conventional paradigms bravely confront their truths, with help from three oracles of an Ethiopian coffeehouse.

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